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«The Blizzard»: a reading of Pushkin's short story, with musical accompaniment

«The Blizzard»: a reading of Pushkin's short story, with musical accompaniment

Tue 11 December 2012 — 19:30

Talk: «The Blizzard» («Метель»): A reading of Pushkin's short story, with musical accompaniment by Nadia Giliova

Language: In Russian

Reading, with Musical Accompaniment
The Pushkin Club celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino with a reading of Pushkin’s short story «The Blizzard» («Метель»), interspersed with playing of the music which Georgy Sviridov wrote for the eponymous film. Our performers, reader Alla Gelich and pianist Nadia Giliova, will fuse literature and music for the fourth time. The reading will be in Russian, and an English translation by Gillon Aitken and David Budgen will be provided. The evening will be introduced by David Brummell.

The short story «The Blizzard» was written by Pushkin in 1830 during his three months’ enforced stay at the estate of Boldino near Nizhny Novgorod as a result of an outbreak of cholera — the so-called «Boldino Autumn» («Болдинская Осень»), which was a period of unprecedented creativity for Pushkin. «The Blizzard» was written in one day and is one of five prose tales known as «Tales of Belkin» («Повести Белкина»).

Georgy Sviridov (1915-1998) is one of the most popular of 20th century Russian composers. His works are based on Russia’s rich musical heritage, including folk songs and liturgical choral music. «Musical Illustrations» for «The Blizzard» (1975) is one of Sviridov’s most famous musical works and was originally written for the 1964 film based on Pushkin’s short story.

Biographical details:

Alla Gelich, our reader, is a long-standing member of the Pushkin Club, and has recited Russian poetry on numerous occasions — in Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Nadia Giliova is a graduate of the Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow and the Royal Academy of Music, London, and has been a prize-winner at a number of national and international competitions, including the International Prokofiev Competition in Moscow. She has performed at a number of important venues and festivals throughout Great Britain, including The Wigmore Hall, where in June 2008 she played Tchaikovsky’s «The Seasons»/ «Времена года». Nadia teaches privately and is currently working on a number of projects with vocalists.

Nadia also performed «The Seasons» at the Mandelstam/Tchaikovsky evening at the Pushkin Club in January 2008, to accompany Alla’s recital of Mandelstam’s poems.

And Alla and Nadia also appeared together at the Pushkin Club in March 2009 for the Akhmatova/Scriabin evening (with the theme, «The Guest from the Future»/ «Гость из Будущего») and in March 2010 at an evening devoted to Pushkin’s Love Lyrics.

David Brummell is a long-standing member of the Pushkin Club and a trustee of Pushkin House.

Tickets: £7, conc. £5

02 декабря 2012