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Lecture/Talk: Velimir Khlebnikov

Lecture/Talk: Velimir Khlebnikov

Wed 12 December 2012 — 19:30
Pushkin House, 5a Bloomsbury Square, WC1A 2TA
Velimir Khlebnikov

Language: In English

Alongside Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov was the most important of the Russian Futurists. He has much in common with his better-known contemporary, Guillaume Apollinaire. Both poets lived short lives — Apollinaire from 1880 to 1918, Khlebnikov from 1885 to 1922. Both were provincials, feted as geniuses when they moved to their country’s capital. Both were close to the most important visual artists of their time.

Apollinaire was close to Picasso; Khlebnikov worked very closely indeed with both Pavel Filonov and Vladimir Tatlin. And both Apollinaire and Khlebnikov wrote apparently simpler, yet still more startling work in their last years; their early technical experimentation is linked to an openness to experience, to a willingness to follow thoughts and feelings of all kinds wherever they may lead. Robert Chandler will discuss Khlebnikov’s various collaborations. He will also read from his translations of Khlebnikov’s verse, which he will be including in a major anthology of Russian poetry he is currently compiling for Penguin Classics.

Tickets: £7, conc. £5

22 ноября 2012