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  • and Petrov Ilf

    Amerian road trip

    Amerian road trip
    Publ. Princeton Press, 2007 г.
    158 стр.  Твердый переплёт
    £ 15.90
    Russian classics
    History, politics

    In 1935, well into the era of Soviet communism, Russian satirical writers Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov came to the U.S as special correspondents for the Russian newspaper Pravda. They drove cross-country and back on a two-month trip, recording images of American life through humorous texts and the lens of a Leica camera. When they returned home, they published their work in Ogonek, the Soviet equivalent of Life magazine, and later in the book "Odnoetazhnaia Amerika" (Single-Storied America). This wonderful lost work-filled with wry observations, biting opinions, and telling photographs is now collected in Ilf and Petrov's American Road Trip

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  • Amerian road trip: £15.90

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