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  • Великие мысли великих мужчин

    Publ. Харвест, 2011 г.

    Эта книга для тех, кто сомневается в том, насколько хорошо он знает противоположный пол. Ознакомившись с афоризмами великих мужчин и блистательных женщин разных времен и народов, можно понять, что в действительности мы думаем друг о друге. Собрание афоризмов может принести пользу и удовольствие людям самых различных возрастов и занятий.

  • Московский Кремль (Подарочное издание)

    £ 195.00

    Отличный подарок для тех кто хочет познакомится с Россией или уже влюблен в Россию. Эта книга-альбом станет украшением любой библиотеки! Прекрасно иллюстрированное издание.

  • Graham Darby

    The Russian Revolution: Tsarism to Bolshevism, 1861-1924

    Publ. Longman, 1998 г.
    £ 10.25

    A / AS level

  • Orlando Figes

    A People`s Tragedy: Russian Revolution, 1891-1924

    Publ. Vintage, 1997 г.
    £ 18.99

    Vast in scope, based on exhaustive original research, and written with passion, narrative skill and human sympath, A People's Tragedy is the definitive account of the Russian Revolution for a new generation. It has won the Wolfson History Prize.

  • Sheila Fitzpatrick

    The Russian Revolution

    Publ. Oxford University Press, 2008 г.

    A gripping story of a Marxist revolution that was intended to transform the world, visited enormous suffering on the Russian people, and, like the French Revolution before it, ended up by devouring its own children.

  • Welch Frances

    The Russian Court at Sea: The Voyage of HMS Marlborough, April 1919

    Publ. Short Books Ltd., 2011 г.
    £ 14.99

    On 11th April 1919, less than a year after the assassination of the Romanovs, the British battleship HMS Marlborough left Yalta carrying 17 members of the Russian Imperial Family into perpetual exile. They included the Tsar's mother, the Dowager Empress Marie, and his sister, the Grand Duchess Xenia, Prince Felix Youssupov, the murderer of Rasputin and a man once mooted as a future leader of Russia, and Grand Duke Nicholas, former Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armies.

  • Eugenie Fraser

    The House by the Dvina: A Russian Childhood

    Publ. Mainstream Publishing, 2010 г.
    £ 8.99

    The House by the Dvina is the riveting story of two families separated in culture and geography but bound together by a Russian-Scottish marriage. It includes episodes as romantic and dramatic as any in fiction: the purchase by the author's great-grandfather of a peasant girl with whom he had fallen in love; the desperate sledge journey in the depths of winter made by her grandmother to intercede with Tsar Aleksandr II for her husband; the extraordinary courtship of her parents; and her Scottish granny being caught up in the abortive revolution of 1905. Eugenie Fraser herself was brought up in Russia but was taken on visits to Scotland.

  • Mark Hollingsworth

    Londongrad : From Russia with Cash; the Inside Story of the Oligarchs

    Publ. HarperCollins Publishers, 2010 г.
    £ 8.99

    The amazing true story of how London became home to the Russian super-rich. A dazzling tale of incredible wealth, ferocious disputes, beautiful women, private jets, mega-yachts, the world's best footballers -- and chauffeur-driven Range Rovers with tinted windows. A group of buccaneering Russian oligarchs made colossal fortunes after the collapse of communism -- and many of them came to London to enjoy their new-found wealth.

  • Geoffrey Hosking

    Russia and the Russians: From Earliest Times to the Present

    Publ. Penguin Books Ltd, 2002 г.
    £ 16.99

    Geoffrey Hosking has been one of the foremost historians of Russia and her Empire for more than twenty years. He traces Russia's history from the settlement of Kiev through to the present day. He argues that two nation-building movements, one based on a messianic vision of Russia's destiny as God's people, the other a modernising and expansive imperial project of administration and assimilation, have clashed since the rise of Tsarism.

  • Harry Ludlam

    I Was There on PQ17 the Convoy to Hell : Through the Icy Russian Waters of World

    Publ. W Foulsham & Co Ltd, 2010 г.
    £ 8.00

    This title presents one of the bleakest episodes in Royal Naval history. Here is the inside story as told by the men who survived. It is the story of a brutally hard convoy that, according to official records, was incident free.