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  • Vladimir Sorokin

    Ice Trilogy

    Ice Trilogy
    Publ. The New York Review of Books, 2011 г.
    694 стр.  Мягкий переплёт
    £ 7.99
    Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Modern Russian novels

    Pulp fiction, science fiction, New Ageism, pornography, video-games mayhem, old-time Communist propaganda, and rampant commercial hype all collide, splinter, and splatter in Vladimir Sorokin's virtuosic Ice Trilogy, a crazed joyride through modern times with the promise of a truly spectacular crash at the end. And the reader, as eager for the redemptive fix of a good story as the Children are for the Primordial Light, has no choice except to go along, caught up in a brilliant illusion from which only illusion escapes intact.

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  • Ice Trilogy: £7.99

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