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  • Юрий Тынянов

    Young Pushkon - (English translation)

    Young Pushkon - (English translation)
    Publ. Angel Books, 2007 г.
    514 стр.  Твердый переплёт
    £ 8.20
    Historical novels
    Russian classics

    This is the first English translation of a huge historical novel, written in the late 1930s -'40s, which is both the emotional story of Alexander Pushkin's formative years and early adulthood (up to the age of 21 and his exile as an established poet) and a dazzling portrait of Russia in the Napoleonic era. The young poet's family circle, his schoolmates and teachers, his women, writers of the time, generals and ministers of state, tsars and their families, as well as Pushkin himself, are depicted from the inside and spring vividly to life in this original and absorbing fiction which combines almost cinematic impact with meticulously authentic detail.

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  • Young Pushkon - (English translation): £8.20
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